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 Mission Little Rock 

Mission Little Rock was formed by youth and young adults of Ironton Baptist Church who were tired of being complacent.  They want to make a difference in Little Rock and share God's Love. 

The Mission Little Rock team simply gets to know people in the community and meets their needs. Bumping up church attendance is not the goal, doing what God wants is. MLR volunteers attend Ironton's Food Pantries and hand out forms which enables people to let them know what they need, whether clothing, shoes, school supplies, or a specific need. They've had many requests for clothing and school supplies, resulting in the start-up of a clothing closet and school supply drive. Other specific needs have included cleaning supplies, bedding, furniture, etc. Once needs like these are discovered MLR volunteers try their best to obtain and hand-deliver them. 

The view of Mission Little Rock is if you tell a starving man Jesus loves him and don't feed him, then he's still starving. But if you give a starving man food and tell him Jesus loves him, then he has a chance to be filled in more than one way. 

If you are interested in being a part of the Mission Little Rock team, they are always looking for willing individuals to join with them in sharing the love of Christ with the surrounding community.

Founded in faith...growing through grace
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